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Press Release

SunSystems Presence in Insurance Sector Expands;
Strategic Partnership with Scruggs Consulting Established

Partnership will Deliver Better Business Intelligence and Improved Competitive Advantage to Insurance Sector CEOs, CFOs

MIAMI, FL - Tuesday, August 20, 2002: Systems Union Inc., developers of SunSystems, the leading international financial and business management solution, today announced a partnership with Texas-based Scruggs Consulting, a boutique consulting firm that delivers domain knowledge and technology integration to companies in the property and casualty insurance and reinsurance markets.

The partnership will deliver integrated, state-of-the-art management reporting and analysis capabilities to the insurance and reinsurance markets. By combining SunSystems' power and flexibility with Scruggs' domain knowledge, customers will enjoy solutions that leverage their existing technology infrastructures to create comprehensive, business intelligence platforms. These platforms will provide senior property and casualty managers with the capability to make business decisions more quickly, confidently, and accurately.

"We believe there are hundreds of companies in the property and casualty insurance sector that can benefit from this new partnership," suggested Mark Wolfendale, Americas CEO, Systems Union Inc. "The CEOs and CFOs of these organizations should know that SunSystems provides the best insurance industry specific tools available today, designed to help them analyze their business data, reduce administrative overhead costs, maximize overall underwriting profits, and accelerate growth of their market share. Implementing a truly flexible and integrated management information system plays a big part in overcoming today's tangled data webs.

Operational and financial data are the lifeblood of this business, but most companies have underlying technology architectures that prevent them from effectively getting at and mining those data. Clearly, companies that don't improve the basic and fundamental capture, flow, and structure of their data run the very real risk of losing market share and being surpassed by their competitors."

By working together under a referral and support agreement, Scruggs and SunSystems will deliver unprecedented levels of domain knowledge and service support for product integration, architecture design, and technical innovation within the property and casualty space.

"Most insurance companies with whom we have worked have highly complex and fragmented systems architectures that have evolved over many years, not through the consistent application of systems strategy, but rather as a by-product of tactical and conflicted business imperatives. These architectures do not lend themselves easily to the types of data extraction and transformation needed for effective financial and management reporting," comments Geoff Banta, President and CEO of Scruggs Consulting. "That is where the team of Scruggs and SunSystems comes in. Scruggs provides the property and casualty and business process expertise, and SunSystems delivers the porting tools and financial systems. Together we will provide tailored solutions for data transformation and financial reporting - solutions that will deliver productivity and expense improvements, as well as meet the all-important decision support needs of our customers. Needless to say, we are very excited about our new partnership."

"Scruggs' professionals augment the already significant insurance knowledge of the SunSystems consulting team. Together, we have worked with every major insurance company in the Americas. Scruggs has entered into this partnership with SunSystems, because our solution offers the strongest mapping and reporting functionality available
to the insurance industry today," adds Wolfendale.

About Scruggs Consulting

Scruggs Consulting is a boutique actuarial and information consulting firm that specializes in the construction, evaluation, and effective deployment of information and information systems within the property and casualty insurance industry. The firm was founded in 1991, and has offices in Dallas, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. Scruggs Consulting has worked directly with several packaged software system vendors in the marketplace, and their client list includes many of the largest and most complex insurance organizations in the property and casualty industry. For more information about Scruggs Consulting, please visit its website at www.scruggs.com.

About SunSystems

SunSystems is a financial and business management software solution used extensively by multi-national organizations requiring an international product with world-wide customer support. Products within the SunSystems suite are available in 30 languages. SunSystems has a truly global customer base. Installed in 194 countries, it has 250,000 users at over 18,000 customer sites. Customers include one quarter of the Fortune 500. SunSystems is one of the world's best-selling and most functional software solutions, offering platform independence, a flexible structure, superior integration backed by global support and local understanding. Its suitability for rapid implementation, with low total-cost-of-ownership at low risk makes SunSystems the chosen solution for many of the world's leading organizations. SunSystems offers specialized solutions to the insurance, oil and gas services, hospitality and not for profit industries. For more information, visit www.sunsystemsamericas.com.

About Systems Union Inc.
Established in 1981, Systems Union Inc. is part of Systems Union Holdings Ltd. The company has 20 offices worldwide and over 200 channel partners in 76 countries. Systems Union has annualized revenue in excess of $110 million and 650 staff worldwide. For more information, visit www.systemsunion.com.

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