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Scrugghoggs vs. Groundhogs...

Origins . . .

The venerable groundhog became the Scruggs mascot 6 years ago when our phearless leader was moved by circumstance to select a unique but non-political holiday as our seasonal focus. True to his off-centered, but clever nature he selected Groundhog Day. Every year since then we have celebrated the holiday with engaging art-pieces, cool gifts and this year, our first-ever chili-cook-off. Best of all, our staff became known as Scrugghoggs.

Similarities . . .

  • Charismatic. (Because if you're not having fun, why bother?)
  • Vocal. (We promise to keep you informed every step of the way.)
  • Both solitary and social. (Whatever the task dictates.)
  • Kings of their species.
  •   (It's such a tremendous responsibility being the best.)
  • Highly developed sense of place. (You - Client . . . We - high-powered Consultants.)
  • Powerful digging claws. (It helps us really get into your data.)
  GroundHog Factoids . . .
  • In many countries, groundhog meat is a delicacy.
  • It has been reported that some hunters in Mongolia wear bunny-ears while riding their horses in order to get close enough to hunt groundhogs. Unfortunately, the sight of a Mongol hunter wearing bunny-ears has also been known to cause those of the infamously terrible Mongol Horde to simultaneously roll over in its grave.
  • This is the only animal with a holiday named after him, "Turkey Day" notwithstanding.
  • There are actually three prognosticators of spring's arrival. Scruggs celebrates Punxatawney Phil, from the town of the same name in Pennsylvania.
  • Groundhogs can be so lazy that they sometimes miss the mating season! At Scruggs, we have the opposite problem-we are so busy that we sometimes miss the mating season!
  • Switzerland has erected monuments to them.
  • In Ancient Greece, the Golden variety was described by Herodotus as " gold ants who throw gold out from the ground." Apparently, these hogs don't have the same appreciation for this mineral that humans do, and simply toss it out while digging burrows.
  • Groundhog fans and philes from all over the world meet every three years at the groundhog convention.

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