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Casualty Actuarial Society
Scruggs representatives attend nearly every CAS Spring and Annual Meeting, in addition to many of the Continuing Education seminars. We have provided speakers at CAS conferences (Geoff and Regina), and our employees include a former CAS Board Member.

Insurance Accounting & Systems Association
We attend the IASA national conference every year, and have also been exhibitors. In addition our President, Geoff Banta, has been a speaker at the conference for the past five years.

Property Loss Research Bureau/Liability Insurance Research Bureau (Also see http://www.lirb.org for more information.)
Regina spoke this year at their annual Claims Conference in Atlanta.

We also attend the RIMS and NAII conferences.

Company High Jinks

Annual Groundhog Day Chili Cook-Off
This year, our winner was Helena, who proudly shared her surprise victory with friends and family at home in Sweden. Meanwhile, native Texans bowed their heads in shame, and Fearless Phil was rendered speechless (Though most probably by the chili powder).


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